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Reddit Race Thread Bot : Preview

Reddit's NASCAR Thread Bot : About

    The NASCAR Thread Bot was designed by Reddit user /u/xfile345 so that users who wish to post a Race Thread to the Reddit subreddit /r/NASCAR can do so without the burdon of having their inbox bombarded with hundreds of new message notifications on race day. This is accomplished by submitting an automatically generated Race Thread through a bot account and username, /u/NASCARThreadBot.

    On the "Upcoming Races" page, the next three scheduled races for all 3 NASCAR series are displayed: Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck. By clicking a "Preview" link next to the first scheduled race in each series, you will be taken to the "Preview" page for that race to see what the Race Thread to be posted into /r/NASCAR will look like. If the Race Thread being previewed is scheduled to begin within 4 hours on the current day, you will be able to submit the post to reddit, but only up to 2 hours after the scheduled start time. As an option, you may add additional information, such as important upcoming events or reminders, and your Reddit username. You may click "Preview Again?" to see any changes you have made to the post before you submit.

    If any of the information in the post should happen to be outdated or incorrect, you may override the default information. Clicking "Expand Override Fields" on a "Preview" page will display a list of race information that can be changed, such as green flag time, networks, or the name of the race. Again, you will be able to preview your changes before submission.

    The NASCAR Thread Bot submissions are inactive until a race is scheduled to begin for any of the 3 NASCAR series. On these days, a special button will appear on the "Upcoming Races" page which will direct you to the "Preview" page for the race scheduled for that day. The button will disappear 2 hours after the scheduled start time of the race broadcast unless a second race is scheduled for the same day. In this case, the button will direct you to the next race scheduled for that day until 2 hours after the scheduled start time of that race broadcast. And so on. All "Preview" links will remain accessible until midnight on the day a race is scheduled.

Reddit's NASCAR Thread Bot was created and is maintained by reddit user /u/xfile345.
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